JNU Staff Association

The JNU Staff Association is a recognized association and it was established in 1972. As per its constitution, the office bearers and EC members are elected by the members of JNU Staff Association. Dr B.K. Roy and Shri Jagdish Lal have been the first President and General Secretary of JNU Staff Association in 1972-73. Dr P.C. Kesavan, Shri Bhawani Dutt, Shri P.K. Ghosh, Shri S.K. Madanpotra, Shri Inderaj Singh, Shri Balwant Singh Negi, Shri Amar Singh Rawat, Shri Chiranji Lal, late Shri Bhagat Singh Negi, Shri Devender Tiwari, Shri Gufran Khan and Shri Vijay Kumar have been the Presidents of this Association. Likewise, Dr Kirshan Gopal, Shri J.S. Baweja, Shri Devi Sahai, Shri Prakash Singh Chahar, Shri Victor Voiz, Shri K.N. Joshi, Shri Radhey Shyam Sharma, Dr P.N. Jha, Shri R. S. Bhartwal and Shri Jagdish Vidyarthi have been the General Secretaries of this Association. Shri Avais Ahmad, ex= Registrar of the University, was also been the President of this Association in 1984.

Office bearers and EC members were declared elected in the month of June 2016:

Shri Tek Chand
General Secretary
Shri Amar Singh Yadav
Shri Ram Akbal Verma & Shri Diwani Ram Vishwakarma

Joint Secretaries
Shri Birendra Singh Bahal & Shri M. C. Pandey
Shri Azad Singh
Cadre Respresentatives
Shri Ajay Kumar, Shri Anand Bahadur, Shri Chandi Prasad, Shri Harish Oberoi, Shri Joshy Cherian, Shri Murari Lal Meena, Shri Om Prakash, Shri Prem Chand, Shri Ramesh Chand, Smt. Shashi Kala-I

JNUSA Voting Result

Office bearers and EC members were declared elected for two years(2010-12): President: Shri R.K. Khurana, Vice-Presidents: Shri Amar Singh Yadav, Shri Santosh Singh, General Secretary: Shri Gufran Khan, Joint Secretaries: Shri Awadh Prasad , Shri Khushal Singh, Executive Council Members: Shri Anand Mani Joshi , Shri Mohd. Hanif, Shri Azad Singh, Shri Krishan Dev, Shri Girdhari Lal, Shri Om Parkash Kataria, Shri Kedar Singh, Shri Phool Chand, Shri Kedar Singh-II, Shri Puran Singh Negi.

In the general elections of JNUSA held on 11.04.2008, the following office bearers and EC members were declared elected for two years (2008-10): President: Pancham Singh Rawat, Vice-Presidents: Shri Raghubir Singh Bisht, Shri Suraj Pal, General Secretary: Dharam Pal, Joint Secretaries: Shri Raj Kumar, Shri Vishnu Kumar Dutta, Treasurer: Shri Tek Chand, Executive Council Members: Shri Bharat Lal, Shri Bhoj Raj, Shri Dil Bahadur, Shri J.P. Maurya, Shri Kiran Singh, Shri Ranbir Singh, Shri Satyawan Singh, Shri Shri Bhagwan, Shri V.K. Sugathan and Shri Yakub Khan.

Shri Pancham Singh Rawat, the former President, has been an employee of the University for the last 35-36 years and presently working as Semi Professional Assistant in the Central Library of the University. Shri Dharam Pal, the General Secretary in present, has been an employee of the University for the last 19-20 years and presently working as Section Officer in the Finance & Accounts Department of the University. Other Office Bearers and EC members of the Association have been working in the University for the last 15-30 years.

          The Office of the Association is located on the ground floor of the School of Computer & System Sciences' building (adjacent to JNU SC/ST Employees Association's office). The telephone number of the Association's office is 26704631 and email address is: jnusa@mail.jnu.ac.in. It has a mail/suggestion box, fixed in front of the office and a notice board for display of notices, etc. All JNU community, associations of other Universities and academic institutions are welcomed to JNU Staff Association's office. The JNUSA is also affiliated with the national bodies representing the Universities and Colleges like All India Universities Employees Association/Confederation.

          With full cooperation of its staff members, the JNU Staff Association has been working for the welfare of its employees as well as for the University's prosperity and development since its inception.